Saint Giles' Church


Over the past few weeks the Altar at St Giles has been restored and beautified.
Previously the lower section was simply painted red and covered by a frontal.
It has beeen skillfully decorated to match the upper half.
Thie image above shows the altar now resplendent, a worthy place to offer the sacred mysteries.


Chrism Mass 2022

The Rt Rev Norman Banks was the Pricipal Celebrant and Preacher

at the Mass on Wednesday 13th April in Saint Mary & All Saints, Little Walsingham.

Below are a few of the photos taken at the Mass which was 'live-streamed' to Sweden.





St Mary's: Stephen Parkinson (Vice-Chair of the Walsingham PCC) &

Maureen Howard

St Peter's: Brian Landale & James Woodhouse

St Giles: Bert Frew & Barry Shipp

West Barsham: Susanna Soames & Grace Howlett (Vice-Chair of the Barsham PCC)

East Barsham: David Simmons & James Goodley

Walsingham Treasurer: Stephen Parkinson

Barsham Treasurer: Lynette Sutton

PCC Secretary to both Parishes: Lynette Sutton

Walsingham PCC Members:

Jonathan Bardwell  Paolo Castagnoli  Graham Howard  

Marlene Keeling  Susan Poole  Pat Sikes

Marc Booty  Steve Burgoine  Pam Millar

Cara Ross  

Sr Angela SSM (In attendance)

Barsham PCC Members:

Sheena White, Sue White.



Parish Confirmation

The Bishop of Richborough will administer the sacrament of Confirmation

on Wednesday 15th June at St Mary’s.

The service will take place in the evening, time to be confirmed.

If you are interested in being confirmed, please speak to Fr Harri.



Ukraine Appeal 

The Disaster Emergency Committee is appealing for donations to support the people of Ukraine who are in need of food, water, shelter and healthcare.

To make a donation please either follow this link:

or leave your donation on the offertory plate at the back of any of the Churches within the benefice, in an envelope clearly marked UKRAINE. 



Parishioners are encouraged, as the Archbishops do, to join in Pope Francis' call for Ash Wednesday to be a day of prayer and fasting for this situation.


Fr Parry

As many of you know, shortly before Christmas, Fr Parry moved into Scarborough House in Wells-next-the-Sea. Since then visiting the home has been restricted to a few individuals. This has now changed. Fr Parry would be delighted to receive any visitors who wished to see him. To do so, please ring Scarborough House (01328 710309) and book an appointment. It is best to avoid anytime between 11.30am and 1.00pm. You will need to present a LFT to be admitted. 



Licensing at Hempton 

On Thursday 3rd February at Holy Trinity Parish Church, Hempton, Fr Harri was licensed as Interim Priest-in-Charge of the Parish of Hempton with Pudding Norton by the Bishop of Lynn who officiated and preached in the presence of The Rt Revd Norman Banks, Bishop of Richborough.



The Crib Service 2021

This year the Crib Service at S. Mary's went with a "Boom" and below are a few images of the event.
More images can be seen



The Confirmation of Joe Goswell


It was a great delight to witness the Confirmation of Joe,by Bishop Robert Ladds, on Thursday 16th December at S. Mary's. 

He is the eighth candidate to be confirmed this year from a Benefice Population of 929. 


A Solemn Mass of Thanksgiving for the 100th Anniversary of
the Induction of The Revd Alfred Hope Patten SSC 

as Vicar of Walsingham was held on Saturday 20th November
in St Marys & All Saints Church, Little Walsingham

On the 19th January 1921 The Revered Alfred Hope Patten was inducted into the living of the Parish of Walsingham with Houghton. As is traditional at an induction he rang the Church bell, and rather than ring a number which might equate to the number of years he hoped to be in the Parish, Fr Patten rang the Angelus. It was a sign of things to come. In July 1922 he restored the Image of Our Lady of Walsingham, and placed it in the Guild Chapel. It was of course not the first image of Our Lady to be brought into this place, that statue which now stands in a niche in the Guild Chapel, was erected by Fr Reeves, Fr Pattens predecessor. But Fr Patten had a clear vision of what he wanted to do in this place, and by 1931 the work to restore the Holy House and the Shrine had begun. Fr Patten contributed significantly to the restoration of Marian devotion in the life of the Church of England. 

Fr Patten is rightly remembered for his work in restoring both the Image and the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham, but it would be remiss not to recall the considerable work he undertook within the life of the Parish during his 37 years of incumbency. Fr Patten endeared himself to his parishioners through his pastoral care, his teaching, and the generous hospitality which he offered at the Vicarage. Today we give thanks for his ministry, and for the ministry of those who have followed in his footsteps:

Vicars of Walsingham 1921-2021   

1921 - 1958    Alfred Hope Patten
1959 - 1976    Alan Arthur Roe
1977 - 1989    John Edgar Barnes
1989 - 1995    Michael John Rear
1995 - 1999    Keith Frank Michael Haydon 
2000 - 2011    Norman Aidan Banks
2013 - 2018    Andrew Mark Mitcham
2018               Harri Alan McClelland Williams   

The Barshams were grouped with Walsingham Parish from 1995 onwards. 

The Mass began with the Angelus recited by Fr Michael Rear, before the Image of Our Lady of Walsingham in the Guild Chapel. 

The entrance procession stopped for a station at the statue of ST HUGH OF LINCOLN. Fr Patten was born on the Feast of St Hugh (17th November) and retained a great devotion to him throughout his life.   

The GOSPEL was proclaimed by Fr Keith Haydon. 

The HOMILY was given by Fr John Barnes. 

Following Communion the SOLEMN BLESSING was given by The Rt Revd Norman Banks.

The Sanctuary Party processed to the graves of Fr Alfred Hope Patten and Fr Alan Roe and prayed:

"Hear with favour our prayers, which we humbly offer, O Lord, for the salvation of the souls of Alfred Hope Patten and Alan Roe, your servants and Priests, that they, who devoted a faithful ministry to your name, may rejoice in the perpetual company of your Saints. Through our Lord Jesus Christ your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God for ever and ever. Amen." 


Bishop Roberts Ladds SSC 

celebrated his 40th anniversary to the Sacred Ministry 

with a Votive Mass of Thanksgiving at S. Mary & All Saints Little Walsingham 

on Sunday 26th September 2021



60th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

On Thursday 9th September, Michael and Katherine Lovatt attended a Mass of Thanksgiving at S. Mary's celebrated by Fr Harri. together with friends from the Benefice congregation and Katherine's bridesmaid from 60 years ago! 

Following the Mass a buffet lunch was held in the church.



  Assumptiontide Concert 
Assumptiontide Lecture   




Parish Mass 

at S. Mary's 

on Sunday 

Further images of the Assumptiontide Weekend can be viewed in the Photo Albums by clicking this link


The Bishop of Norwich's Visit to the Benefice 

Bishop Graham visited the Benefice of Walsingham, Houghton and The Barshams on Sunday 8th August 2021 and preached first at the Parish Eucharist at S. Peter's Great Walsingham and then at the Parish Mass at S. Mary & All Saints, Little Walsingham. 

It was the Dedication Festival of the S. Mary's in remembrance of it being destroyed by fire on 14th July 1961 and reconsecrated by the Lord Bishop of Norwich on 8th August 1964. 

The Mass was well attended by both parishioners of the Benefice and pilgrims to the Shrine and the Bishop blessed children in the Sunday school at the start of the service.   

Following the service the Bishop joined in the celebration with members of the congregation.



Baptism & Confirmation at S. Mary's 

On Sunday 11th July there was a 

Solemn Pontifical Mass with Baptism & Confirmation 

with The Rt Revd Normans Banks SSC, 

Bishop of Richborough, as Celebrant and Preacher. 

Those Baptised & Confirmed: Makayla Marshall 

Those Confirmed: Louise Boer, Jorja Bradshaw, Ellie Jordan 




The Institution by The Rt Revd Graham Usher, Bishop of Norwich 

and the Induction by The Venerable Ian Bentley, Archdeacon of Lynn 

of The Revd Dr Harri Williams 

as Vicar of Walsingham Benefice: 

Walsingham, Houghton and the Barshams 

on 6th May 2021 at S. Mary & All Saints, Little Walsingham 



Confirmation at All Saints Church, East Barsham

On a very chilly Friday 12th February 2021, Bishop Norman visited 

All Saints Church, East Barsham to celebrate a Pontifical Mass 

with the Confirmation of James & Hattie Goodley. 





























Fr Alfred Hope Patten's Memorial Mass 

On Tuesday 19th January 2021 a Solemn Mass in thanksgiving for the 100th Anniversary 

of Fr Patten's Induction as Vicar of Walsingham was celebrated at S. Mary's. 

The chasuble warn by Fr Harri and the Chalice and Patten used belonged to Fr Patten. 



Confirmation at S. Mary's

Congratulations to Zac, Mel and Charlie on their confirmation at St Mary's on 23rd August 2020, 

by The Rt Rev Norman Banks, Bishop of Richborough.


Charlie                               Zac                            Mel 

For more photos of the Confirmation please click on Photo Albums (above left) 

Benefice Eucharist with Baptism & Confirmaton 

Bishop Norman Banks, Bishop of Richborough, was the Celebrant and Preacher 

at a well attended service at S. Peter's on 17th July, 

when Joseph Gould and Andrew Rodgers were Baptised and Confirmed 

together with Zinnia-Claire Booty, India Davies and Arthur Woodhouse. 


Fr Harri Williams SSC         


On Monday 3rd December 2018  Fr Harry Williams SSC was licensed as Priest-in-Charge         

 of the Benefice by The Rt Revd Jonathan Meryck, Bishop of Lynn and the Archdeacon of Lynn,         

The Ven Ian Bentley; the Preacher was The Rt Revd Norman Banks, Bishop of Richborough.         


A full set of images of the ceremony may be seen here




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